Viral Ads

There are many definitions for the term "viral video" but those that belong in this channel are ones in which a product or service advertisement is attached whether obvious or stealthy.

Another term for videos that belong in this channel may be "viral video advertisements" where the advertiser is attempting to use the rapid proliferation of a popular video to carry along their ad payload to all viewers of the actual video content.

KY ad too big (Viral Talk)

One of the ads on the site for "Ky Jelly" that's supposed to be above the "Top Comment" or whatever it is, is waaaaay too long for me. Instead of staying neatly within its window, it takes up space all the way down to video #7 in the top 15, making anything between the top of the add and video 8 unclickable.

Is this just me? Or is this working as intended?

A Request To All Sifters With Youtube Accounts.


Ok everybody:- I always get a laugh from The "Honest Trailer" videos made by Screen Junkies over on Youtube. They work on a "voting" system & the most requested video in the comments section of the latest video they post....(in this case "Inception, link below) is the one they do next. Now I know it may be a liberty taken on my part, but I've always smiled at the idea of seeing them do "300" & my request is.......could as many sifters as possible PLEASE go over and ask to have it done in the comments as the next video??

I know I know I know it may NEVER happen, but at least I/We tried, eh?

Thanks in advance.

Edit:- Please feel free to SPAM the living daylights out of this within the Sift

"Inception" video HERE

College Humor Vids

Maybe this is old news but there are an unusual number of College Humor vids that are dead. I have not examined the embed code to determine a pattern yet but you should check your queue for inembed:collegehumor and make sure they are still working.

Virus ad banners

Just FYI, Google Chrome flagged Videosift with the red NOT SAFE WARNING.

The website at contains elements from the site, which appears to host malware – software that can hurt your computer or otherwise operate without your consent. Just visiting a site that contains malware can infect your computer.

I can confirm whatever was in the ad banner launches java which uses exploit to launch acrobat which has vulnerability to install lots of malware. I personally have java firewalled off from internet and uninstalled acrobat a long time ago as it seems most websites can infect you from the pdf exploit.

Someone should probably be looking after the *Viral channel

The viral channel appears to be without an owner at the moment -- and that's a channel that really needs someone to be looking after it since it's one of those channels that gets misused a lot. I think a lot of people assume that it's for any video that has gone viral or is trying to go viral, when really it's supposed to just be for viral ads. Of course, that's not an unreasonable assumption since the "viral" title is a bit too vague.

I propose that:

A) The channel be renamed to something like "viralads" for clarity, though mashed into one word "viralads" is also potentially confusing. Suggestions? I'm also not sure how feasible it is for an existing channel to be renamed.

B) Someone should volunteer to run this channel.

That is all.

Viral videos need truth-in-advertising

Finally someone agrees with me on the horrible state of b.s. viral ads that plague the intertubes.
Well, the fun is over. Today, a short five months after the videos were revealed as a phony, the National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus released a statement (PDF) that whips a ruler across the knuckles of Cardo Systems, the company that released the videos.

Nintendo Comes Up With Clever Video To Showcase Wario

Wario Land : Shake It! Footage here will take you to YouTube, for something that make me laugh! Is well worth looking at even if you don't like Wario Mario etc, this is clever marketing at its best

You cannot really do the clip justice if you just post it you see
Have a look!

Update : It looks like it does not work well in Google's Chrome Browser - Does not work for me at least

Another Update : Looks like recent updates to Google Chrome means it now works there too Works for me there now as well!

Annotated/ad-laden/hijacked videos

As you may have noticed, the embeds from YouTube currently (in the beginning they did not) allow the display of annotations. So apart from the placement of introductory leaders (e.g. videos from ONN) or a logo/URL in a corner (e.g. viral sites who take content from others without attribution) there are now more ways to add subjective opinions / advertising to a video.

I'm against the addition of subjective opinions / advertising as I think they interfere with the viewing experience.
The only 2 exceptions for me:
1. when - at the moment of posting - there's no other alternative video available without these unwanted extras: then it's better to have the video, despite the ugly additions.
2. constructive use of (YouTube) annotations in case of subtitles (also misheard ones, e.g. this sift).

But e.g. this annotation ("is ment to be played lowd" (in the beginning)) I think is avoidable.

So what do you think should be allowed and what not?

Newbie Question

I've read the rules and seen the oft mention self posting, which I wasn't worried about breaking. But I was curious about videos that have been discarded from banned members. Are those okay to repost or should I assume we punish the video for the original submitters rule breaking ways. Which in the case I see was a self post.

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